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We use this site to provide you with a comprehensive resource on prasterone research. We discuss research by teams affiliated with some of the leading medical research institutions: Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University and others. Here, you’ll find the results of several randomized, large-scale, placebo-controlled, double-blind Phase III clinical studies – studies which evaluate prasterone for a number of clinical indications. You may, like many others, decide to discuss this research with your health care provider, to decide if prasterone could be beneficial for you.

The United States Food & Drug Administration cautions against relying on over-the-counter dietary supplements for medical conditions. The FDA says, “Just because you see a supplement product on a store shelf does NOT mean it is safe or effective.”

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A way to assure that your prasterone is pure is to ask your health care provider to prescribe a dosage form compounded by your pharmacist.  Please note that prasterone may have variable or poor oral bioavailability when administered as an oral tablet.

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